Home Is Where the Art Is

After my partner-in-crime left for Cannes, I spent a whole day moping around the flat. Didn't even leave the house! Then this morning I slapped myself (literally) out of my self-induced loneliness and realized that being the narcissist that I am I actually LOVE spending time with myself, especially in new cities.
Woke up this morning, packed some yummy salami sandwiches and began the wander. One of the most brilliant things about central London is that all the museums and art galleries are %100 F-R-E-E. Completely amazing. And there are a million of them to choose from. So after debating between the Victoria & Albert, The Museum of Natural History and the Serpentine Gallery, good old natural history won out. I'm a sucker for all things nature as evidenced by my mystifying ability to spend hours gazing at a tree in the backyard.

The building is quite old, yet the exhibits were modern and super fun. Here's a peek:

Then met up with my new favorite cousin, ate some food, and went to a superbly hip bar called Mustard (which is oddly fitting because England has fantastic mustard, my favorite of which is Colman's).
Our final destination was the Tate Modern which is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary this weekend with an exhibit called "No Soul for Sale". The museum is open until midnight and there's live gigs (tomorrow Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore will perform) and a ton of contemporary art garnered from galleries around the world.
Like all contemporary art you take the good with the bad---but still the vibe was chaotic, communal and interactive. In other words, totally mind blasting. For the first time in a long while, I felt right at home.

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  1. Sounds amazing! Free art galleries? What a novel idea!