A revolution is a full circle.

This is the thought I had while watching hordes of protestors revel in their victory over Egypt's fallen leader, Hosni Mubarak. A revolution is a full circle. One end meets the other, one end ascends upon another after traveling an arc of time.

The word "revolution" is derived from the latin word "volvere" which means to travel in a circle. In modern times we use the term to describe a victory of the masses. A complete change in the power dynamic that encircles our globe. Or that at least encircles a nation, or a town, or perhaps even a specific gender or caste of society. But what if it did traverse the globe? Then it would be a true revolution. From one point to the other, meeting up to match aims. An alliance of concentric lines. A circadian rhythm.

These days, what you see is what you get. A firestorm is sweeping the land mass that we call the Middle East, with mirroring effects in China, the USA and the UK. All of us are awed, inspired and excited. My heart keeps beating out a tune: "Change Is Coming" thump, thump "Change Is Coming". A full continuum of the earth, spanning from one side to the other.

A revolution is a full circle.

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