The eve of departure

This time tomorrow I will be officially jet-set, hopping on several planes over the next few months.
It's been a long time coming, as I was scheduled to leave in December...but I'm glad that I've had this time to truly appreciate all the things that I'll be missing. In a couple of hours I will be dropping off the Kira-dog at her new home, a very warm and friendly place.
I've shared six years with this little soul - and she's seen me through the worst of it with a loyal consistency and a mixture of concerned looks combined with gentle, comforting nudges.

There's a certain kind of bond that forms when a bachelorette owns a dog. Before her, I had never really known what it was like to nurture something. I'd kill every houseplant I touched, I owned a bird, a fish and a hamster that all turned up dead and I preferred to spend more time away from my boyfriends, then with them. In short, caring for Kira has made me a better person.
I don't know how I will say goodbye, so I'm consoling myself with the fact that there will be a new life to nurture soon, my own.

First stop is Malibu, California. I've been spending a lot of time in this beautiful place and I can honestly say that I love it as much as I love the Eastern Hemisphere, if not more. California has an easy vibe that a gal could get used to, plus the oceans and mountains always give me a sense of how small I am in the bigger picture of things. Whenever I look at the ocean, tears automatically spring forth from my eyes and I feel so bewildered by the resplendent grace of nature. I can't wait to see it again.

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