M is for Malibu

Leaving California tomorrow for London, England. This state is so relaxed, it tends to defer all my nasty feelings about America. Actually Americans are quite nice, despite the occasional ignorant comment that flees from their mouths. I actually had a guy tell me that the white man in America is a minority and that they should receive special treatment. It took all I could muster not to karate chop him! I politely informed him that until he tries to live life as a minority female in North America he needs to zip it. He did.

I'm staying at this beautiful house situated 2000 ft above sea level, in the mountains above Malibu. It's on 15 acres of land, the precipice of which drops off into a giant canyon of pre-historic proportions. If I want to write, I sit on the edge of this canyon and stare at the ocean far, far in the distance. When I leave, the vast sense of being I feel there remains with me for several days afterwards.
I haven't yet had the chance to sit by the ocean on this trip, as we've been busy celebrating my day of birth and imagining the future. Oh well, there's always next time.

I did head into Hollywood for a bit, wandered down the ritzier part of Melrose. Saw an amazing photo exhibit at Paul Smith--the photog's name is Lillian Bassman. Actually her pics caught my eye from the street. Stark, elegant and beautiful.

Had dinner the other night at The Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. This place is most famous for housing the likes of Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Bugsy Siegel and many, many others. Very old Hollywood. All the waiters were hot young men and the food was delicious. I looked around and found myself among many a movie star grazing on lobster tacos, tuna tartare and bacon-wrapped dates. It was a good night.

Just a few more pics below for your viewing pleasure. My favorite part about being out here is the foliage. Everything is in full bloom and teeming with life.California dreaming indeed...

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