The Path of Least Resistance

Been thinking a lot about love lately.

We spend our whole lives searching, talking about, thinking about and crying about love. We stay up late, can't sleep, bask in sunlight, talk
to ourselves. We want it but we don't need it, we need it but we don't want it. I think from a young age we are taught that it is something to procure, like going to the market for a loaf of bread. So we search and search almost always in vain, and when we do feel that spark of love's beauty it is so fleeting that we act like idiots, doing anything to hold on to it.

In the last few years I have come to view love differently, not as something to search for but almost as a container within which I live. It is soft and pliable, it molds to me and I to it. It is always there, no matter who comes and goes. It is there in my weakest moment just as much as in my strongest. And how I choose to live my life invariably adds or takes away from the strength of the vessel. Just like the heart acts as a chamber for our blood, love acts as chamber for our bodies. And in fact, maybe the reason that we are constantly seeking companionship is in a subconscious effort to add to the love that already surrounds us. I'd like to think that when I am in a relationship that I am existing "in love" with that other person. Meaning that we are both inside of love, adding to it with the compassion, forgiveness and sense of understanding that we show one another.

Was on the flight to London today via Air India. It was fantastic. Good food, real silverware and plenty of space to move around. But the best part about it was something so subtle that you could've missed it if you blinked. The service. The staff weren't overly accommodating or super kind....there was just a familiar way of being. During the dinner service the steward came over and chided us for not eating, saying 'you won't get another meal until breakfast, you'll get hungry'. Later he warned us not to hit our funny bone on the raised arm rest "or you'll be in a lot of pain'. I loved the way he felt like an uncle of mine, concerned for my safety.

On the way out I saw him assisting an elderly lady much like he would've done his own mother. With one arm around her firmly, he cleared the way, occasionally touching her gently on the face to ensure her well-being. It warmed my heart.
Just by being an honest and kind human being, this man managed to create a whole plane-load
of love.

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  1. this is a brilliant post and you write ridiculously well!