For the love of something greater

The ocean is a marvelous wonder. I don't think anyone can deny this. We have all sat embraced by it's depth, entranced by it's mysteries. In the last few months I have had the pleasure of being near the ocean almost every day. It is not something that I have or will ever take for granted.

Growing up in Southern Ontario, we are surrounded by lakes. It's where we go to vacation, to get away, to swim. Lakes are nice in their own right...they are safe and comforting, wrapping around you like a well-worn sweater. The stillness of a lake has the ability to emanate peace and tranquility.

The ocean on the other hand, is a tormented, ferocious thing. It crashes and waves, it tumbles and falls. It claims lives, it destroys habitats, it is a supernatural force. And yet, it is also comforting, in it's own way. The vastness of it's depths gives us a sense of humility. Better than a well-worn sweater, it is a like an old friend. One you know and who knows you, without any words passing between you.

This is why I love the ocean. Because I can stare at it for hours without understanding it, yet between us there is a shared sense of knowledge, of intuition. I know that I am part of something bigger, that I would be lacking without an innate natural force. And every drop of the ocean knows that too.
I love the dichotomy this presents, it is what keeps me there hour after hour, never wanting to leave.

I'm in Sri Lanka now and the ocean has never looked more beautiful. It is a torrid, passionate being--one that I have a deep respect for. I suppose that loving the ocean is a bit like loving oneself. Sharing in your own mysteries, adoring the things that make us unique and always bending to the will of something greater.

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